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We all have those mornings where we find ourselves chasing the clock a little too much; didn't hear the alarm, urgent email to deal with, clothes need to be taken out of the washing machine, bird flew in through the window - you name it. There are so many possible things that could put you behind schedule and you may find that your beauty routine is the very thing that takes the hit and doesn't get the time you would like to dedicate to it.

Firstly, let's establish that it is not a question of vanity of how much time one spends getting ready… it's a presentation of who you are to society and of course your impression upon the rest of your species is important and affects your day to day life. So don't feel guilty about wanting to take time to carefully groom yourself - you are in fact caring about so much more than your looks. But we'll leave the heavily psychological discussion for another time and focus on what to do when you have no time to dedicate to your beauty regime…
Let's say, you have a grand total of less than five minutes to do your hair and make up today. Fantastic, we can make it work just fine with that.
The Face 
With just two minutes you can:
1. Apply a bright lipstick for instant glamour. Red is the obvious choice as it has been tried and tested many, many times before, but no matter what you choose, be bold with your choice. It's the key point to your look today. 
2. Add some colour to your cheeks. By bypassing the foundation you are giving yourself the opportunity to let your skin breath, but whilst we are here, why not opt for a nice glow?
3. Eyebrows. Über important as they frame your entire face. Grab a pencil and feel free to go a little overboard with filling them in. They will balance out the bright lipstick extremely well and still bring out your features quite nicely.
That's all you need. 
The Hair
With just two minutes you can: 
1. Tie your hair up into a bun; messy, neat, tight, loose - it really doesn't matter.
2. Spritz all of the flyaway hairs so that they are neatly tamed against the flow of the hair. That's the only bit you need to worry about as flyaway hairs have a habit of making your hairstyle look messier than it really is.
3. If you have a cute clip or hair accessory to add for a small personal touch then feel free to, but it's really not necessary as the make-up and bun will work as a well-pulled together look.
Now, Off you go, enjoy your holiday to a tropical beach spa paradise :)

The right hairstyle for your face shape


The right hairstyle

Have you ever wondered why a gorgeous haircut that looks great on someone else just doesn't work for you? Well, hairstyles are about shape and geometry or putting the right frame around someone's face to balance and bring perspective to the shape of their faces. That is why haircuts must hide or minimize non pleasant attributes and highlight favourable ones.

A general rule is that you should try to achieve an oval face, which is the most pleasant to the human eye. Therefore, long faces need shortening and and wide faces need lengthening. 
To find the best haircut for your face shape, the first step is to discover what is the shape of your face. So, take a picture of yourself. Hold the camera right in front of your face and take a snapshot. Don't smile while the picture is being taken so you can see the shape of your face in its most natural pose.
Examine your picture and decide which is your face shape: oval face shape, round face shape, square face shape, heart face shape, triangular face shape, diamond face shape or oblong face shape.
These are the options for straight face: If you have a round face, you might want to go for a shoulder-dusting cut with long layers to elongate your face. To enhance cheekbones, get strong, straight-across bangs. If you have a square face, get a shoulder-length cut with layers from chin to collarbone in order to soften a strong jaw. To hide a wide forehead, get sideswept bands. If you have an oval face, get layers that start just below the eyes to make your face look fuller.
For wave or curly hair: if you have a round face, length can be midneck to midback; however, you must always get long layers to counteract a pyramid effect. If you have a square face, get layers angled from ears to end. If you have a heart face, get a collarbone-length cut, as the waves are full around the shoulders to balance the forehead's width. A cut that skims your shoulders plays up curls, a side part enhances cheekbones.

Raw Food


Sensationalist, but true fact coming up: eating more raw food will improve every aspect of your health.eating raw food


Cooking food aids our digestive system and we absolutely need to ensure that we kill off the dangerous bacteria that grows in raw meat, however we can meet a happy medium with the type of vegetables we consume. However bear in mind that vegetables lose most of their nutrition when they are cooked.


The most common form of raw vegetables served up as a standard dish is a salad. You can get really creative which vegetables you combine in a salad instead of opting for the usually expected ingredients such as; lettuce, mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, celery and peppers. Why not opt for something a little more creative that adds a great amount extra to the nutritional value of the salad and add in some raw spinach leaves, kale, carrots (grated), courgettes (thinly sliced), mushrooms (finely chopped) and some blended broccoli.


Of course the above ingredients don't have to be used all at once, it's simply a choice of adding something different in the nutritional spectrum and to spice up a salad in a different way.


Juicing has become a popular phenomenon in ensuring that a large number of nutrients are being absorbed by the body each and every day. There are a vast number of books and websites dedicated to the subject of juicing and there is certainly a plan for everyone. If you fancy venturing down the juicing avenue, preparing and drinking the juice in the morning is the absolute optimum time. Your body has been repairing itself during sleep and there's nothing better to start off a new day with a nutritional cocktail for your vessel, which works so hard for you unconditionally.


If you want to go the extra step and really say thank you to your body, opt for a three or five day juice cleanse. It not only cleanses your entire body but also cleanses your mind. If you have a dependence on food which you know not to be good for you, then this is the perfect way to break lifetime habits and do something nice for yourself.


The juice cleanses to go for are the ones that include vegetable juice as well because you don't want to be running off just sugar from fruit for five days. A balance between both will allow you to obtain more nutrients and keep your blood sugar levels evened out as well.


Always seek medical advice if you have any health problems and always look at the qualifications of the person supplying the juice cleanse. Nutritionists spend an extremely long time ensuring that their plans are not only delicious, but totally stable, something you don't want to go the cheaper route on.



Top tips for healthy lips


Most people are aware of the need to look after their skin - taking precautions during excessive sunlight, or keeping it moisturised – but we are less inclined to pay attention to our lips. But there are very good reasons why you should actually be taking more care with your lips. Why? Three main tips for health lips


For a start, the skin on your lips is much thinner than the skin covering the rest of your body. Not only that, it is subjected to a far greater degree of wear and tear. From conversation to eating to many other functions, your lips are pretty much in constant demand from the moment you wake up.


Secondly, women love decorating these sensitive areas of skin with lipstick. This is being applied, wiped away and then re-applied, sometimes many times a day. All this activity adds to the potential damage to the skin.


Lastly, melanin is the pigment in your skin that protects skins cells from radiation. This is what helps you to develop a tan. But there is far less of this substance in your lips, meaning they can be prone to sunburn and dryness.


So what are the top tips for looking after those lips?


Don't lick your lips. When saliva dries on skin it eventually evaporates, taking valuable moisture away. Worse than that, there are enzymes in saliva that will eat away at the skin surface. So next time you want to show your appreciation of a tasty meal, complement the chef rather than licking your lips!


Our lips need to be exfoliated just like any other part of our skin. By doing this regularly you'll remove dead skin cells in order to reveal the vibrant young skin beneath. On a weekly basis, use a toothbrush to brush away dead skin from your lips.


Because a common and unseemly aspect of unhealthy lips is chaffed skin, it makes sense to use moisturiser. This will prevent the skin from cracking, and will nourish and protect new skin cells that have been exposed by exfoliation.


The healthy properties of good old H20 can't be overstated. If you hydrate regularly you'll stop your lips from drying out and developing cracks. Most medical experts concur that aiming for 2 litres a day is a quota that will promote good health – and excellent lips!


If the damage has been done, don't fret. Chemists provide over-the-counter remedies for chapped or dried lips. Available in cream or gel format, these can be easily rubbed into your lips to repair the affected areas.



Rid yourself of wrinkles


Rid yourself of wrinkles

It's an age-old dilemma – battling the onset of age! Wrinkles seem to creep up on us. One moment we're fresh-faced, carrying on as if we don't have a care in the world. Then we catch a photo of ourselves that someone has posted on Facebook and our eyes are instantly drawn to those terrible lines that seem to have appeared in our features overnight.


When Hollywood starlets take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror, if they don't like what they see they'll consider tackling those encroaching wrinkles by paying a visit to their local cosmetic surgeon. But you can rest assured that there are many different methods of easing wrinkles that avoid such drastic measures. And here are our top five:


1. Eating fish


Fish is a terrific source of protein, especially cold-water species such as salmon. Protein is one of the basic building-blocks of skin, and as well as this it's a great source of one particular key ingredient for healthy skin – a fatty acid called omega-3. This will help to nourish you skin and keep it looking plump and youthful.


2. Cutting down on coffee


Coffee is a refreshing beverage that is now available in a bewildering variety of flavours. While many of us rely on coffee to provide a little kick-start to our day, where your wrinkles are concerned it would be far more advisable to switch to cocoa. Researchers have discovered that cocoa has high levels of epicatchin and catchin, two dietary flavanols that not only improve circulation to skin cells, they protect your body from sun damage. Circulation is also enhanced with these substances, making your skin feel smoother.


3. Eating vegetables and fruit


Fuit and vegetables boast one crucial component when it comes to countering skin wear and tear – antioxidant compounds. They assist the skin in staying health-looking by countering the damage that is caused by cell-damaging 'free radicals' (unstable molecules).


4. Avoiding excessive washing


While face-washing might seem an obvious choice for keeping your skin refreshed, dermatologists have proved that water actually strips your skin of natural barrier oils – the very ingredients in your natural chemistry that protect against the onset of wrinkles. Use cleansers instead.


5. Moisturising


Moisturiser creams that can be easily purchased over the counter are a simple weapon in your anti-wrinkling arsenal. By applying these treatments on a daily basis you'll keep your skin moist-looking. Creases and wrinkles will be far less noticeable.

Love from, the Dental Hygienist


This article is going to tell you what you didn't know about brushing your teeth. Ok, yes, so you've been brushing your teeth since you could hold a toothbrush, and you've been repeating this action twice a day, every day for the entire duration of your life, right? Well, a recent visit to the dental hygienist brought to light certain factors that are not widely circulated, and they should be the foundations for everyone's dental care.brushing your teeth the dental hygienist


1. Switch to an electronic toothbrush - Why? Aside from the obvious superior cleaning ability they possess against good old elbow grease, manual toothbrushes cause receding gums with their back and forth motion. In later life, receding gums can cause a lot of issues and accelerate the process of teeth falling out. Save the dentures for the last possible moment and use an electronic toothbrush instead.


2. Use a round-headed toothbrush - They are designed to concentrate on one tooth at a time and this is exactly how you should be cleaning your teeth. An oval or rectangle shaped head doesn't quite allow you to angle it the same way as a round-headed one and therefore does not allow for the same standard of cleaning.


3. 3 days - This is how often you should charge your toothbrush in order to make sure that you are getting the consistent amount of power during each clean. The battery may last way longer than three days, however, as the amount of power in the battery diminishes, the performance of the toothbrush does as well.


4. 4 seconds - This is the amount of time you should be spending on each tooth surface before moving on to the next. The toothbrush should not be pressed tightly up against each tooth but rather just skimming the surface with light pressure for the most effective cleaning.


5. 5 sections - You should divide your teeth up into five sections to tackle; the front of the teeth (top), the front of the teeth (bottom), behind the teeth (top), behind the teeth (bottom), the contact point of the teeth (where you chew and bite) (top and bottom).


6. 6 months - Visit your hygienist every six months for a professional clean. Despite all of the above cleaning and maintenance, you would be surprised about how much build up is surrendered out of its hiding place when the professionals get in there with their fancy tools and scrapers. Keep the date; your smile will say it all.



Make Your Hair Shine


A soft shiny look makes your hair look healthy and fabulous. If you are looking to get a shiny hair, you can achieve it in a simple way with homemade masks. You can find many masks you can apply to your hair below:shiny hair


Avocado Mask


Avocado is a very nourishing fruit for your hair, which is important to make get a shiny hair. Grind one or two avocados, according to the length of your hair, and crush it until you get a thick paste. Apply the mixture to your hair from the roots to the ends and let it work from 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse your hair like you normally do.


Egg and olive oil Mask


This mask works for every kind of hair. Use two or three eggs, according to the length of your hair, mix it with two or three olive oil spoons - only use one spoon of olive oil if you have greasy hair. Apply it on your hair from the roots to the ends of your hair. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then wash your hair with regular shampoo and let it dry.


Lemon juice


A mask made of lemon juice is perfect for women with blonde hair. After washing your hair like you normally do, pour lemon juice with a glass of water over your hair.


Apple Vinegar


A mask made of apple cider vinegar is ideal for women with greasy hair. After washing your hair with shampoo and rinsing with water, wash your hair again with a cup of apple cider vinegar and a liter of water.



Things girls need to get over


Laura Argintar, an experience writer, comedienne and low-key science nerd, has listed a number of things girls need to over. In a funny article she explains that women are very clever, intuitive and sensitive creatures, but sometimes “our minds can be dangerous places.”women girls work


In this case, she is referring to times of insecurity when women over think situations and needlessly get themselves down . Therefore, she explains that girls need to accept some things the way they are and free themselves of the self-doubt and the stress of things that aren't worth obsessing over.


Here are some things every girl needs to get over, according to Laura Argintar:


1. Where your friends are in their lives compared to yours


As Laura explains: “Just because Lena Dunham (filmmaker and actress, best known for her TV show Girls) has all these accomplishments under her belt at the ripe age of 27 doesn't mean the rest of us 20-something women need to be on her level. We are all pursuing different things in this world”. Accordingly, you can't measure your own success in comparison to your friends' accomplishments. The key is to stay focused on your own objectives and move forward at your own pace in order to achieve your own goals.


2. Love handles, bikini bridges, thigh gaps, muffin tops, gap teeth, skinny arms, bubble butts...


“These aren't things to be ashamed of”, Laura explains and then recommends girls to change it if they get it and own it if they love it.


3. An unflattering photo of yourself online


This is something girls tend to obsess over, unflattering pictures of themselves online, but like Laura explains, “Why are you stressing over someone you don't even know in the Internet world finding a bad snapshot?” Nobody trusts a picture of someone online - attractive online - thanks to Photoshop.


4. Taking a day off at work


Sometimes you really need a day off at work to clear your mind and rest, but it's useless if you are spend the whole day obsessing over what you are missing. In this case, you would probably be better off at the office. But if you really need the rest, don't worry, your boss won't fire you if you have a legitimate excuse.


5. Being single


Most women get stressed every time they hear a 23-year-old friend is getting married. “I can barely choose what to wear in the morning, let alone someone I want to spend the rest of my life with,” she explains. “It is time we stop beating ourselves up about it and instead embrace this special time we have for ourselves.”


6. What you ate


You need to stop feeling guilty about what you eat. If you ate something you weren't supposed to, at least you enjoyed it. Next time, do more exercise or eat less calories to compensate. It's not the end of the world. Like Laura says, “only in Girl World do we take 10 minutes to comfort each other by sharing stories about the slice of pizza we ‘shamelessly' ate at the catered lunch”. Just get over it.



Benefits of Running


With all the benefits running brings to the human body and mind, it seems striking why we are not all out in the streets doing exercise. Yes, it takes determination to leave home to literally put your body under stress doing a monotonous activity, but its advantages for us are so amazing, maybe this article will encourage to put your running shoes on.running exercise fitness health


1. Healthy heart. Running can bring many benefits to your heart. When you run regularly, your circulation improves and the constant activity reduces the risk of a heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.


2. Weight loss. Strict diets without exercise can be frustrating, specially to keep losing weight after the first couple of weeks and to keep the weight off once the target weight is accomplished. Therefore, running is your ideal ally when you want to get rid of those extra kilos. Indeed, the average runner burns 1,000 calories an hour during a training session. That is 1,000 calories of food you can enjoy in your balanced diet so you don't starve yourself or 1,000 calories that will your body will burn from stored fat.


3. Mental health. Running lifts your mood and helps you build self-confidence, specially once you achieve your target weight. Also, it gives you a sense of self-reliance that you can achieve anything you want.


4. Sleep. Studies show that runners have less trouble to sleep at night and manage to sleep longer.


5. Stress. Running gives you a sense of power and control over yourself that helps you cope with stressful situations and irritations of everyday life.


6. Happiness. Have you ever heard that running makes you high? Actually, many long-distance runners experience frequent rushes of endorphin release - hormones that have a motivational effect. Sometimes runners feel relaxed or at peace after exercising, but some even feel euphoric. What is clear is that running does have an effect on your mood: running can help you improve your patience, humour, patience and make you good tempered and easy-going. One way or another, endorphins engendered by exercise mean that runners are happier than people who don't exercise.


7. Anxiety. Generally, runners have a lower level of anxiety than those who don't run. Regular exercise reduces the activity of the serotonin receptors in the brain which regulate mood. Since these receptors are less sensitive to any stimulus, the levels of anxiety decrease as well.


8. You can boost your mental functions by running as the activity increases blood flow to the brain and helps it receive oxygen and nutrients, so it works more effectively.



No More Excuses


All that stands between your determination and your goals are your excuses. This time, don't give up on your goal to get a healthier, more-fit body. Here are a few tips to reach your fitness women


Pick the right diet for you and stick to it for the rest of your life. Don't think about it as a diet but as a way of life. If you are overweight, probably you've been eaten too much of the wrong foods for too long. While it's true that you might be overweight due to a disease or the wrong diet, there's a way to fix this. Many people think that what they have been eaten since they were very young is healthy because they are not ill at the present time.


However, some foods contribute with empty calories, in other words, they don't offer the nutrients your body needs, but they do contribute with the necessary calories to keep functioning. These foods with no nutrients must be eliminated from your shelves, refrigerator and shopping lists forever, not during the time of diet. It's a mistake to think that after dieting, you are going to stuff yourself with chips, hamburgers and sweets.


While you can still have unhealthy foods from time to time as a guilty pleasure, they must remain as that, just a guilty pleasure and under no circumstances must be the core of your daily diet. Why? Because those are bad habits and you will gain weight back again, plus they silently damage your health in terms of cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin intake, which can potentially lead to diseases.


Willpower isn't voluntary, but necessary. If this is not your strong suit, you need to drum it up. This can only come from you. You cannot buy or get it from anybody. Every time you are tempted to slack off or quit, or are simply discouraged, you have to shake off what you want at that moment and focus on your long-term goal and think of how that would obstruct it. Then start over with proper attitude which values your goals of good health and an admirable physique over a temptation of having something tasty for 10 seconds in your mouth. Remember that it takes 21 days to create a habit, then everything will be easier. However, it only takes one day to break a habit.


Eat to to keep for being hungry, not to satisfy it. Many people make the mistake of becoming really hungry before eating. This is reason number for overeating and eating the wrong things such as fast foods, over-salted, over-sugared, and processed foods. The solution is to eat often enough to keep you from getting hungry - five or six times a day.


Follow one simple rule every time you eat. Nutritious meals, smaller than the combined volume of your two fists, should be seen as a fuel to whatever activity you are going to do next. That way you can measure how much food you should eat at one sitting. You shouldn't have to waste your time counting calories, just know what type of food and the quantity of it that you have to eat.



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